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With twenty years of experience in mechanical engineering, a Proglass It offers its customers a complete solution in the TURN-KEY system.
Developing special equipment to increase production capacity, for the sectors, Automotive, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural, whether in Brazil or abroad.

We have highly qualified professionals: Engineering, Machining, Assembly, Automation and Metrology.


We use the latest generation Software, for developing 3D simulation and Robotics, this enables us to work from the mathematical model of the piece, giving us reliable results.

With over twenty years of market performance, acquired great experiences in:

• Devices and Machines: Fixation, Machining, Solder, Control, Tightness, Assembly and other;

• Equipment for the production Aid: Cart for transport, Manipulator, Transport hooks, Platform, Table automated carrier, Lines for loading and Elevators.


A Proglass this able to meet all the requirements of their customers, we have a structure and professionals, that allow us to perform construction work, Assembly, installation and try-out of industrial equipment.

• CNC Machining, Conventional Milling, Lathes CNC's, Conventional lathes;

• cutting machine water;

• Cylindrical and Flat Grinding;

• Production of welded assemblies and machined;

• Light Boilers and average overall;

• Painting.


We have software and fully qualified and modern tools to meet the most varied demands of our customers.

• We conduct full process automation;

• Study the project;

• Layout;

• Installation of panels and devices;

• Installation and integration of robotic cells;

• Programming.

Products used in our work are chosen carefully in order to ensure the quality, operation and durability of our final product.


We have technical college-educated and portable equipment (arm) and made (three-dimensional) for measurements of our equipment as well as outsourcing of our metrology, to provide services at our facilities or at the customer's premises, measuring stampings, Machined, welding devices, control devices, tools as 2D or 3D with mathematical model. Also R studies&R, CP&Code of Civil Procedure, reports format for PAPP, PSW, Anfavea. All our equipment is supplied and accompanied by dimensional report according to the customer's need. All our metrology meets ISO standards 17025.

Dimensional machine Brown & Sharp inspector:

• Ability Axle: X= 1000mm Y= 2100mm Z= 800mm;

• Resolution: 0,0005mm;

• Linear Accuracy: (3 + 4L/1000)µm;

• Volumetric Accuracy: (4 + 5L/1000)µm;

• Controlled Room Temperature in the range 20 ° C ± 1 ° C.

Braço tridimensional ROMMER Absolute ARM 1.2 R. This equipment allows the measurement of parts and equipment with varying characteristics:

• Parts - The widest, created by any forming process;

• Tools - Stamping, positioning and forging;

• Templates - Injection, casting and vacuum;

• Devices - Control, welding and assembly. This type of equipment:

• They allow the measuring devices on the machine itself, without stopping production;

• They allow the realization of service "in company", saving money on transportation;

• Allow connection to various types of software;

• Ensure the reliability and accuracy in measurements;

• Ensure the issuance of detailed reports.